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Retirement Planning

Gallo & Russell specializes in the area of Retirement Planning. Retirement Planning may include investment advice for the 401(k) participant, investment management and income planning for the newly retired or asset preservation for the retiree concerned about their beneficiaries. As Certified Financial Planner™ Professionals with over 38 years of combined experience, we are knowledgeable and trained to help our clients achieve retirement success.

Client Centered

You Are Unique

Every client is different and that is how we approach the issue of retirement planning. Retirement Planning does not start and end with the purchase of an investment product from a bank, brokerage or insurance agent.

True Retirement Planning is a process that includes a full understanding of clients’ goals, their financial situations and their dreams. The process starts by analyzing the current situation, determining future income and growth needs and by providing the investments and advice that give the client the best chance for retirement success. This is all done within the context of the current economic environment and projecting into the future with ongoing guidance and support along the way.

Hourly Consultations

Through our Registered Investment Advisor, we can be retained for consultations for a set hourly fee. Hourly consultations are suitable for clients who are considering retirement in the future and want to know if they are on the correct course, for the near and recent retiree who wants to fully explore and understand all of their options and for the retired client that wants a review of their situation.

For potential clients, we offer a preliminary consultation at no cost.