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Consultation Process

Client Centered

You contact us and we will discuss your reasons for seeking our financial advice. If we can be of assistance, you will provide us with the relevant information pertaining to your situation. Don't worry. We will help you determine which forms, statements, etc. we need to assist you. We will review your information in a timely manner and let you know the cost of our consultation. The consultation includes our time spent researching your concerns or developing your plan and the time we will meet with you to review our findings.

If you wish to proceed with the consultation, we will send you an Engagement Agreement that details the services we will provide and our Financial Services Agreement that specifies your consultation cost. Up to this stage, you have incurred no cost or obligation.

Once you agree with the services we will provide and their cost (by signing and returning the above Agreements), we will schedule our meeting to review and discuss our findings. At the end of our consultation meeting, unless we agree otherwise, our Engagement will be finished (exception: a follow-up discussion is provided at no additional cost to clarify information or advice).